Inner Peace Revolution™ - Revolutions
This list is only a highlight of some Inner Peace Revolutions™.
Not all Inner Peace Revolutions™ are publicized.


Revolution: Revive America
Start: January 25, 2010
Status: Active

Revolution: 9/11 Truth
Start: September 23, 2010
Status: Active

Revolution: Deflating Iran War Tensions
Start: Summer 2006
Status: Reversing

Revolution: Evaporate Japan’s Nuclear Crises
Start: March 15, 2011
Status: Closed

Revolution: Transforming Egypt
Start: February 03, 2011
Status: Closed

Revolution: Change 9/11 Threat and Quieting Quran Burning
Start: September 08, 2010
Status: Completed and Closed

Revolution: Quieting the Swine Flu
Start: April, 2009
Status: Completed and Closed

Revolution: Shifting Cuba
Start: March, 2009
Status: Closed

Revolution: Russia-Georgia Conflict
Start: August, 2008
Status: Completed and Closed

Revolution: Lowering Gas Prices
Start: Summer 2008
Status: Completed and Closed

The Beginning: Stopping The Apocalypse
Start: June, 2006
Status: Completed

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